TN. 99 Bachelet Charmes

for me, probably the best Charmes, been lucky to have this bottling multiple times. Bought on release. Sometimes it was near epiphany. This time not as good. Thicker and never seemed to shake its bottle funk, it was “nice,” but that is damning with faint praise. Just a reminder that it’s always bottle by bottle.

have had this twice in the last year or so, and both bottles exactly as you describe - good. nothing remotely special as it was when younger. not been in the burgundy game long enough to opine on whether a 24+ year old wine can enter a dumb phase, but perhaps that’s it. but for over a decade, it was one of the best 99s and just enthralling.

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I assume you are referring to Denis? If yes, the recent renditions are absolutely intoxicating as the change in quality has been outstanding.

I’ve heard that he said 99 was his best vintage.

Denis told me too he thinks his '99 Charmes is his best wine ever. Unfortunately I don’t own any really old Bachelet so I’m trying to hold my hands of everything.

Lesser bottlings from the late '00’s lately have been showing well for me, fwiw.

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Wow. Sorry to read this. About 10 years ago, it was the one Charmes that I thought was close to the 1999 Truchot Charmes. Really surprised that it has gone downhill while many other 99s are just hitting their peak. Really a shame.

next bottle may be great.

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I drank my last bottle about a decade ago and it was spectacular. I would have thought that it should have shown really well, but we are certainly at the mercy of the individual cork as wines age. I poured a '99 Giacosa Asili down the sink last week. Sadly, quite oxidised. The last bottle from a case bought on release. All others were terrific.

All Bachelet’s 99s were sensational almost from the beginning and didn’t close down, which makes them alamost unique in the vintage. I suspect they may already have given their best.

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Boy, I hope not. I still have several in my cellar. Just stood up a ‘93 the other day although I have no immediate plans to drink it. Anyone have that lately? Last bottle I opened was with Mark Golodetz and that was in December 2010 :flushed:

I can’t keep my hands off the 2016/2017s… no clue how I will have any to age the 20 years… I need to have someone put some in the back deep dark comers of the cellar without telling me. With a long decant these are absolute fire.

I always loved the 88 and 93 although it’s been years.