TN: 94 Tudal CS [Napa] - yay!

94 Tudal CS [Napa] My ski buddy is in trouble with his GF, so our Tahoe trip got bagged on the 1 yard line this afternoon, so I was at home this Friday night, with family. I pulled a bottle that I had low confidence in (based off TN: 91 Tudal CS [Napa] - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers fully expecting to need the backup wine if it didn’t pan out). Yet surprisingly, this was excellent! Perfect cork, great looking bottle acquired from Benchmark, with a quaint 13% abv. A lovely nose of nutty Frangelica, a little creaminess. The color is of nicely mature Cabernet, bricking at the edges, and pale garnet core. Medium viscosity, balanced palate - fruit is ripe, warm but not crunchy nor raisiny. And the tannin has melted, yet the acidity is just right for my palate. Finish lasts 40 seconds with food - dinner salad with chicken. Beautiful label, great feel to the brown bottle, and nice description on the back label. I like this as much as Togni’s from the same era! Solid A for my tastes.

I’d never heard of this estate until last summer - WBs suggested the wine was distinctive, ageworthy, and had a nice backstory.

Doesn’t totally make up for the scrubbed plans…but a pleasant surprise.

Your nice TN warmed my heart, but tensed my wallet.

Glad to hear this one worked out. I always liked the stuff off this property from the mid-90s. Recent vintages were good to, though they were only available in my market for a year or two.

Thanks for the note, ARV!

I used to see a decent amount of stuff online about the Tudal “Tractor Shed Red”. It was supposedly a great bargain wine (in contrast to most Tudal wines!). It was a Napa Valley blend of Sangiovese (60%), Merlot (20%) and Zinfandel (20%). I don’t know if it’s still around, and I never tried it.

Nice notes…I remember visiting and buying their wines in the very early 80’s. Have not seen or tasted one in ages!

Marshall [cheers.gif]

I had about a half a bottle of the 96 Tudal CS [Napa] tonight with some meatloaf. It’s a sound, good wine, but more cool character than the 94. Still fresh, maybe a touch more acid than tannin, almost European in character. I’d give it a B+ adjusted upwards on the 2nd night. If I had only had this example I wouldn’t have any particular positive/negative impressions of the estate, but that 94 really sung. Good ability to age, but not sure if that helped here.

PS: finished the 2nd half of the bottle with a spinach/mushroom pizza, and it was a shade better. Still classic, old school, 100% cab, at the quaint 13% handles for abv. Having had only the 91 (flawed), 94, 96 – I’d think that fans of Togni or Dunn might try a bottle if they ever come across one. Only ten acre vineyard though, and little critical enthusiasm / marketing support, so just keep the eyes open.

I picked up a half case of '93 Cab for $126 via K&L auction a couple of months ago. The one bottle I opened was classic old-school Napa Cab. Delicious.