TN: 67 Léoville Las Cases, '00 Piazzano Vin Santo

  • 1967 Château Léoville Las Cases - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Julien (3/28/2009)
    Each time I’ve tasted this wine, I’ve marveled at its freshness. We took this bottle to one of our favorite cafés on Friday night, and paired it with their ridiculously delicious, unctuous hamburgers. The cork looked scary just beneath the capsule, but our server deftly eased it out in one piece. The nose was lovely, with sweet pipe tobacco, cedar, plum, and currant. On the palate, it’s mature but still very alive, with a nice balance of bottle sweetness, acidity, and faint tannins. This isn’t over the hill by any stretch, but I like it right now. If we ever buy more, it will be for short-term consumption.

  • 2000 Piazzano Vin Santo

With almond torte and poached apricots. We had this same dessert with Tokaj a few weeks ago, so we decided to try something new. Burnished gold. Caramel, orange, clean laundry, and honey, slightly floral, with an unexpected but not unpleasant musky, cumin-ish warmth that reminds me of curry powder. Moderately sweet, but neither thick nor cloying. A very interesting dessert wine, but the Tokaji, with its perfectly complementary flavors, was a better match for my favorite dessert.

67 LLC with hamburgers!!??

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Nice job on the birthyear LLC for the burgers, Melissa…you are such a baller

Every vintage is someone’s birth year, Sunshine.

That’s right, and this one was yours, rainbow pants.

I know I’m supposed to get all huffy at your attempt to age me, but it would be nice to have a BY with wines that were both affordable and drinking well!

Very Nice! I don’t think I have ever had a 67 Bordeaux before. I have had a number of 66’s (that is my birth year) and a 62 as well. just to be forewarned… avoid 1969 like the plague. [emot-words.gif]

Did you get your bottle from Flickinger, Melissa? Their price is very attractive. Cost of sending them to my forwarder in SF and flying them here adds around $25/bottle, so this will bring my cost per bottle to around $120. Worth my getting some bottles, would you say?

Noel, my cost was a little more than half of that, with shipping, through Wine Bid this time around. I know I paid well over $100 the last time I had this vintage, but I don’t think I’d spend that much for it again unless it really were a birth year wine for someone in my family. At $60 for the bottle, it was a no-brainer.

Thanks for the warning!

Wow. Definitely, at $60 it’s a no-brainer. Ok, I read you, thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, my own birthyear was absolutely dismal for Bdx; not worth getting any at all at any price.

So Melissa was born in 67 and graduated from HS in 90… sheds a new light on things, I must say :smiley:

67 would be a decent BY, not in the insanely expensive/hard to find type (61, 78) or the absolute crap everywhere in the world (except California) like mine…

Anyway, 67 LLC and burgers, I like your style :smiley:

'67 Yquem is absolutely delicious and in great form, but very expensive. I had a good deal of it in a dinner June 2006. They weren’t my bottles though, I was just lucky to be invited by the generous host.

That really would explain SO much!

1967 d’Yquem of course
1967 Climens is pretty nice
1967 Baumard QdC

I was born to solve mysteries.