TN: 4 QPR's

Some wines opened at the in-laws. Nice QPR’s:

2006 Hirsch Veltliner #1
This Gruner has put on weight since last year. $17 Ohio, this is a serious enough wine. Aromas of green apples, Green beans, slight asparagus and white pepper notes. Well balanced and easy to drink. Great texture. On the palate, this is crisp and went well with food. Nice acidity. Good finish. Not profound but not so simple either. 50+3+12+17+7=89

2005 Bouchard Aine & Fils Bourgogne Pinot Noir
$12 Ohio. One of the great QPR’s of 2005 red burgs. This is even better than a year ago. Ruby/cherry red in color. The nose has lots of cherries and is slightly earthy. Medium bodied. On the palate, this has vibrant fruit. No sign of shutting down or getting tired. Great cherry fruit. No complexity though. Good finish. Went well with food. 12.5% Alc. This is the real deal. 50+3+12+16+7=88

2005 Merum Monastrell (Jumilla, Spain)
$15 Ohio. Purple in the glass, ruby at the rim. The nose is earthy with dried cherries, raspberries and leather. A bit reticent though. It explodes with fruit on the palate. Layers of raspberries, black and red and dark cherries. A bit of earthiness to it. Nice finish. Seems like this could improve a bit in the cellar. 50+4+11+17+7=89

2006 Michel Rolland Clos de los Siete (Argentina)
$20 Ohio. A blend of Malbec, Merlot, cabernet and Syrah. Inky purple in color, opaque and bright. The nose has black raspberries, cigar tobacco, cherries and gamey meat. Full bodied. On the palate, this has firm tannins and is in need of air. Lots of juicy red and purple fruit. This is a fruit bomb and quite enjoyable as such. I think some years in a cellar would be rewarded but I don’t know what happens to it. A big hit. 50+4+13+17+7=91