TN: 2022 Enfield Wine Co. Grenache Stained Glass (USA, California, Central Valley, Lodi)

  • 2022 Enfield Wine Co. Grenache Stained Glass - USA, California, Central Valley, Lodi (4/9/2024)
    Last minute pop and pour, this burst out of the bottle with red cherry fruit and herbal/brushy accents that evoked the bright springtime weather we had today. On the palate the red fruit freshness lifted my spirits, not unlike the way Hardy’s YEAH! wines bring the energy to an otherwise generic weekday. If served blind I might have guessed this was a Hardy wine. It has that life-affirming quality.

Hardy and Johnny lived under the same roof and slept in the same bed for years. Cosmic transference occurred.

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Tried this at the pick up a month ago? It was really nice. All of the wines poured that day were great. Like listening to an album from start to finish that’s all great tracks.

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I just tasted this with John an hour ago - I could never tire of someone talking about Grenache. Love his perspective and was surprised he has never had a chance to try Rayas - someone needs to share a bottle with him ASAP

I have only tasted Rayas a small handful of times. Just sayin’.