TN: 2021 Sun Break Ariane Pinot noir (Cortell-Rose vineyard, Willamette valley, OR)

Purchased at tasting in Oregon. Newish producer Sun Break, these grapes sourced from Cortell-Rose vineyard. Wine - Sun Break Wine and Cider
David Patte, the owner, is active on WB and may still be offering a discount to wine berserkers.

Dijon and Pommard clones, whole cluster.
12.9% ABV

Opened clean. Notes after ~1 hour decant in the bottle.

Lovely ruby red.

Nose of fresh red cherries, moss, wet forest floor, grape stems, perhaps a touch of salt spray.

Taste. Cherries, pomegranate, graduating to well structured middle. The whole cluster impact is there with a bit of forest floor, cooking spice, and subtle saline towards the back. The back is gentle and lingering on the tongue for a good 20-30 seconds with good acidity, charcoal, salted caramel.

Another delicious OR pinot noir. Looking to see how this one ages.



Thanks Ross! Yes, I believe I promised the 40% discount would run through the end of May. It may be difficult to ship right now for certain parts of the US, but we can hold until Fall weather. PM me for details

See offer (click here)


The Ariane ended up being my favorite of the three 2021 Pinots from Sun Break — really enjoyable to try them next to each other and would be happy to have any of the three.

The 2021s also struck me generally as my favorites so far in my limited experience with the SunBreak wines.

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My sentiments too. The Ariane has some nice structure and I think it will develop well. The others may be ready sooner. There was also an interesting white pinot noir which is fun to show to people who’ve never tried one before.

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Been a Sun Break fan for a few years now after reading an article from Lettie in WSJ.

Her review proved spot on as I purchased bottles of all three of David’s Pinots and loved each one. Colette is fruit forward, consistently smooth with black cherry notes and balanced acidity while the Ariane provides added structure with red plum, pepper and spice by leaving the stems. The Marie also provides an interesting flavor profile from combining the two processes. Purchased a case of each last year and am now enjoying as the northeast warms up allowing us to sip on the deck!

Recently visited David last fall immediately after harvest and he was very gracious and informative and allowed us to sample his newest venture into Chardonnay in its early stages. Anxious to try the finished product and just purchased futures of both the Chard and Ariane.

Never been disappointed year after year and highly recommend if you’re looking for a great Oregon Pinot at an attractive price point.

Btw. David gave us a sample of his Rose Vermouth. Vermouth is new for me and I enjoyed so much that of course I grabbed us a few bottles!


Welcome Ron, and it looks like you will fit right in!

thank you!

Ron Markovich


We love David’s wine. Great QPR. Decided to get a case of his futures.

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Thanks Reginald! Been working on the cuvées for the 2022 vintage. Most all the barrels are tasting great, so it’s been a little more challenging this year to find a “reserve” that distinguishes itself. Last year it was immediately obvious.


We opened a bottle of the Ariane tonight. @Ross_Jordan’s note is excellent. I would also like to see how this wine ages, but it is clear that it is not going to get that chance in our household.

Thanks @David_Patte for the really enjoyable wine. We are looking forward to tasting what future vintages bring.

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Thanks Brian! Fortunately I doubled my allocation from the Cortell-Rose Vineyard for thé 2021 vintage, which allowed us to get grapes from all six blocks which is exciting, but to the point about availability, we produced 1000 cases (approx) across the four Pinots. We are about half way sold which is great, but plenty left to sell of this vintage in the next year or so : )

Thank you for the tasting. I too felt the entire line up was great. Wines are pure, fresh and energetic. Like some of the previous posts, I enjoyed the Ariane (100% WC) the most. Ruby red fruited with excellent concentration, bright (citrus undertone), energy, tension, juicy with great WC texture and spice. The bouquet puts a smile on your face in anticipation and the wine exceeds expectations. All wines were fantastic. Also has the Royer Chard. Very Chablis like.

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Thanks Stephen— that was a fun tasting. FYI to all: if you are in the Valley, you can DM me for a tasting or delivery. Also, we just released our 5th anniversary celebration to the email list. I am re-released a few bottles of the 2018s (we had sold out quickly, but I held back a few cases for this offer) and we just activated a flat rate shipping code valid through Dec15— use discount code “5Th” Sun Break Wines

DM me if you want to see the email, but in short the 2018 Colette Pinot Noir was awarded 94pts (WE), Ariane 93pts (Prince of Pinot), and Marie-Paule 93pts/Editors’ Choice (WE). This was our first year and with only 300 cases produced across all three Pinots, we quickly sold out…. The WB pandemic relief effort helped, then Rusty wrote a piece about us in PoP, and with the WE scores, we were the highest ranking WV Pinot in our price category on Google Search for quite a while. It was a fun way to launch the business!


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I’m just now getting into the mixed case of 2019 I bought from you a few years back, and I’m interested in picking up some other vintages now. Will probably need you to hold them for me for a while again, but would be happy to pay shipping at time of shipping in case it keeps increasing, just so you don’t have to carry that risk. I don’t believe I receive your mailing list offers though. Should I DM you?

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Thanks John. I have your email, will send you a note— sorry I didn’t have you on the list. Will get that fixed.

I have a rewards club instead of traditional wine club— so this second case order gets you to 24+ bottles and 30% discounts. Over time once you get to 48+ bottles, it’s 40% lifetime discounts. WB Day every day for those in the 40%/Founders’s Club :blush: And if you order before Dec 15, you can get the $20 flat rate and I have no problems holding that for shipping at your convenience. Thanks!