TN: 2021 G.D. Vajra Langhe Nebbiolo (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Langhe DOC)

2021 G.D. Vajra Langhe Nebbiolo - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Langhe DOC (10/20/2023)
Popped and poured at cellar temp. Lovely nose of roses, tar and black pepper. Classic Nebbiolo. Nice cherry fruit, tarry tannins on the palate with nice balancing acidity. Just a little short on the finish but a great everyday wine and a great value.

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Have you had the pinot nero? Did that for Thanksgiving 2 years ago and it was awesome.

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I have not. Had many of their Barolos which were very good.

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Yea, they are more of a barolo specialist even before they had their own wine. The winemaker was making it for someone else.

Pinot Nero? I’ve never seen one.

I’ve visited twice but never seen that. Are you sure that was Vajra?

Their riesling is excellent, though!

My suspicion based on a few 2021 Langhe Nebbiolo wines is this will be a phenomenal Barolo/Barbaresco vintage.

They do make a PN and blend some into the base Rosso as well.

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I’m not sure this is correct. I believe they’ve owned vines and made their own wine for at least 100 years, though the current estate was founded in '72.

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Good note. I tried one of these a few months ago and found it, as expected, very primary. It would not surprise me if it comes around quickly however, as I find this wine is accessible quite early for a Langhe Nebbiolo. Same with their Barolo Albe.

Pinot Nero

Not necessarily referring to the family, but Aldo Vaira the winemaker I think spent some time making wines for others before he was allowed to come back to the family business.

Incorrect. Many readily available sites address this, but best to hear it from the source:

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I just remember when talking about the producer to our distributor about his revival of indigenous Italians varietals that were going to get lost. The person mentioned something about working under a different winery before. Perhaps they was talking about a different person, but then again that rep doesn’t work in the area anymore and got transferred to a smaller portfolio. I tried seeing any of the information sheets they’ve sent where the information might have been mixed up. Hmm, perhaps the misunderstanding was that Aldo was not old enough to register so the winery was named after his father, but that message got mixed up in our conversation. Thanks for the pod link, will listen to it on my commute.

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I tasted it at the winery a few years back. I believe the grapes come from Bricco della Viole but don’t quote me. It was very much a wine of terroir, showing the structure of Barolo in the package of Pinot Noir. They were just like - that’s what wine here tastes like. I’d love to try it again and I saw some at a bottle shop in Washington state but failed to buy one. But it gets to the US so look for it.

I just had the Pinot Nero from Castello di Ama while we were there. It tastes the same way, very structured, and the reason the wine there tastes that way is because they make it the exact same way, like a Nebbiolo. Not my favorite, but I like it better than overripe, over-extracted stuff from CA.

Vajra I believe is not making theirs the same as the Nebbiolo. I think that’s just what you’re going to get in the region, more structured Pinot even if not exactly like the Neb. I’d recommend Vajra’s but it’s true I don’t think Pinot is going to supplant Nebbiolo there any time soon lol.

Esquin in Seattle has the '21 Vajra Pinot Nero right now for $30. Just bought one last week, have yet to try it.

We tasted there back on October 6th.
Everything was truly great. My favorites book-ended the whole group.
The Dolcetto and the 2020 Barolo Ravera.
So good. This is a producer for some reason or other, I have up to now ignored. No more.

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