TN: 2021 Domaine Marc Morey & Fils Bourgogne Blanc (France, Burgundy, Bourgogne Blanc)

I drink a good bit of Bourgogne Blanc. I look for producers with a good reputation and track record. I have enjoyed plenty the BBs from the likes of Roulot, Sauzet, Bernard Moreau, Henri Germain etc but this night I am not sure if any of them have hit the heights of this one. This is outrageously good and while I felt like the price was high when purchasing now I think it was nothing short of a steal. Amazing quality and completeness, that’s it. A pretty ideal pairing with monkfish as well. I reckon the production quantities are tiny but this is worth the hunt.

  • 2021 Domaine Marc Morey & Fils Bourgogne Blanc - France, Burgundy, Bourgogne Blanc (4.7.2024)
    The nose is a very nice combination of fresh, even partly green tones and autolytic and oaky notes. Lemon, lime, smoky reduction, leesiness, crushed rock and some wood. Bright, detailed and complex, simply lovely. On the palate there is some volume but also lots of freshness and crispness. Really stellar acidity provides plenty of zing and a mouthwatering quality. Excellent tension too, every sip is exciting and captivating. Very vivid and balanced with fantastic length too, simply put this punches way way above its weight. The oak use is exemplary as it never raises its head too much but its influence is clear on the mouthfeel. Without any exaggeration I can’t remember drinking a Bourgogne Blanc of this quality in recent years.

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Nice note, thanks…during the middle of the pandemic, I found a wine shop selling the 2019 Marc Morey village Chassagne Montrachet for a great price, and I bought a case…I have loved that wine, so I am sure I will also like this 2021 Bourgone Blanc as well, I will have to try to track some down!..

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Good for you being able to buy a case! I remember the retailer having all six bottles of this BB total. Should have bought them all, easy to say now.

I have been a fan of these wines for over a decade. Had the pleasure of visiting back in 2016. Sabine was wonderful and while i would buy the wines regardless, it is much easier to do so for such a nice person.

Try the Virondot if you can find it. Essentially a monopol and punches above its price in the US.

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Great to hear. This was the only one I bought when the 2021s came out but I will definitely want to sample several different 2022s if the prices seem attractive. Bill Nanson has praised the Virondot quite a bit so I would love to try it.

Been buying their Chassagne 1ers for a couple of years but prices have soared. Really like their Vergers though….

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Prices have increased but I believe that the wines were a huge bargain before and underpriced relative to similar quality peers. I looked at pricing at Bassins last night and compared to others and they are still cheaper than most even as prices have increased. Not sure if Bassins is the right shop to use since they direct Import but it is where I buy so means the most to me.

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Sabine’s wines are at a very high level now. The 2021s are extraordinary for the vintage which was tough. Love this stuff. Thanks for this data point.

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Thanks all for the comments! I managed to source the Rully 1er Cru Rabourcé but will not rest until I have some of the Chassagnes - especially En Virondot - in my cellar.

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Had Marc Morey‘s Chassagne Cailleret 2008 recently, one of the best white Burgundies I had in my life, rated it 95 which is extremely high for me … Great producer!


Fine wines. The prices have doubled over the last 3-4 years though. Buy half bottles and save money!