TN: 2020 Lagier Meredith Mondeuse (USA, California, Napa Valley, Mt. Veeder)

  • 2020 Lagier Meredith Mondeuse - USA, California, Napa Valley, Mt. Veeder (3/13/2023)
    Have very little experience with this Savoie grape, if I'm honest. This might actually be my first pure expression. What a lovely encounter! Dark as the night, earth and fruit on nose. Slightly underripe lingonberry from my youth and black stuff, with he fine tannins of a wine of hundreds and hundreds of bucks. So elegant, but can still go fo years. I can't help but get Syrah vibes from this grape, maybe with a 30% note of Blaufränkisch or some other Austrian variety. Wow, just wonderful wine. So happy I got this as part of BD! (93 points)

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Not touching my 2020s yet, but the 2018 was spectacular a couple months ago - such elegance and freshness.

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The L-M Mondeuse is a World-Class Mondeuse. It shows the classic Mondeuse/herbal/rosemary/thyme character overlain w/ the MtVeeder spice & some Fr.oak. It doesn’t have the bit earthy/rustic character of Savoie Mondeuse & much more structure. It ages very well, as do most L-M reds. An outstanding expression of Mondeuse.


Yep, I’m putting my 2nd bottle to rest for a little bit! Wish I bought more!

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Thanks for the note, I haven’t busted into my six pack yet but excited for these ones.

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I popped in of my 2020 duese from BD as well.

It was terrific. Reminds me of a high quality Australian Shiraz versus something from northern Rhone

I drank the 2016 a couple of months ago, and thought it was fantastic. I also have a couple of the 2020s.