TN: 2019 Vincent Paris - Cornas "Granit 30" (France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, Cornas)

2019 Domaine Vincent Paris Cornas Granit 30 - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, Cornas (2/6/2022)
– decanted approx. 45 min. before initial taste –
– tasted non-blind over 2.5 hrs. –

NOSE: savory and dark-fruited: dark olives and purple fruits; moderately expressive; not overtly funky, but there is an aspect that reminds me of carbonic maceration, and there’s also an off-putting hint of something that comes across as sour brett.

BODY: garnet-violet color of great depth; medium-light to medium bodied.

TASTE: purple-fruited with a savory bent; gently tannic; medium acidity; alc. is a little bit noticeable; not as good as prior vintages I’ve tried; carbonic-feeling on the palate a bit – zesty & slightly sour — something weird going on, but not obviously flawed.

50, 5, 10, 14, 6 = (85 pts.)

I have a good bit of this, but I haven’t tried a bottle. I don’t think of Paris wines as bretty nor carbonic, so I wonder if it’s simply an off bottle. I’ll try to pop one open soon so I can chime in.

Same, and my thoughts exactly. Although not terribly offensive, there was something odd going on. I know it’s not “cool” to like this bottling, but this is the first time I haven’t found it to be at least very good.

I had this about 6 months ago and I didn’t think it was bretty nor carbonic. But, it was a big, burly, intense and in your face beast that was a mouthful. I don’t recall much acid and it was more purple fruited and savory, inline with what you mentioned but really intense flavors.

Vincent Paris is kind of a WB quandry - is it classy because its Cornas, or gauche because one can actually drink it without waiting a decade…

I’ve never really gotten the allure of the Vincent Paris Cornas lineup. They are always presented as a great value in Cornas with reliably solid scores, but I’ve never been particularly impressed by them at tastings. I’ve had maybe 3-4 with consistent impressions. They just don’t stand out much. Am I missing something about these?

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My feelings as well on the 30 and 60. Not a fan. I do like the Geynale, that’s a very special vineyard. Much more classic in structure as well. Generally full stem inclusion.

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This. 100%. The Geynale is terrific, meh on the others.