TN: 2019 Tan Fruit Chardonnay Vojtilla Vineyard

2019 Tan Fruit Chardonnay Vojtilla Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Chehalem Mountains (2/11/2024)
Intrigued by the HUGE scores these wines are getting, and my recent affinity for what's going on in the OR with first Tan Fruit wine, and my first thought was..why the hell put Chardonnay in a brown glassed bottle??? Already looks poxed! The wine, however, is far from poxed. Shows that wonderful bright and sappy pitted orchard fruits with a little tropical tinge...chalky minerality...salted limes/pineapple...classic dry extract...sugar cookie...not the reduction you find in others...some mint, dried honey, and pretty flower blossoms...but my initial impression with this wine compared to the Walter Scotts/Morgen Longs/Goodfellows is that it seems a little watered down? Has the same somewhat profile as the wines I've had from the others...but it just seems kind of mellow and dilute...not as expressive and "popping" as the others have shown to me. Still a joy to drink...very pleasing and showing OR Chard magic...but those darn 97-98 scores jaded me...and this particular bottle doesn't live up. Great wine...keep pricing around $40, and I'm a buyer! Change the glass color though... (93 points)

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Intrersting. Walter Scott used to make a dynamite Vojtilla bottling. Always wondered where the fruit went after they ceased producing theirs.

I was about to post the exact same thing. That was a great wine and it was around $40 back in the day.

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Twill has a majority of Vojtilla these days.

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