TN: 2019 Suzor Wines Chardonnay The Sunflower (USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley)

  • 2019 Suzor Wines Chardonnay The Sunflower - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (4/30/2022)
    Man, this was an absolute show stopper. It has a beautiful, light white gold color. Pretty nose, it shows hard mineral (gneiss) dust, and timothy hay, and generous and revealing pretty white stone fruit, with a sweet, bright, and fresh core, with some lovely spice. Also, it is crisp, and snappy! Don’t take generous and sweet to mean cloying or anything like that, its more a weightless power thing! It is layered and complex, in the way of a great trocken Riesling. This wine is strong, but not in your face and it begs to be drunk. Love it! (95 pts.)

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Great note!

Reminds me of a catchy pop song that I just can’t get out of my head!

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Nice note, Charlie. We just tried this last weekend, but were at the beach and maybe not paying as much attention as we should have. We enjoyed it a lot, but thought the 2018 might be showing a little better…at least right now. This still tasted very young and we had it after a 2012 Chablis, so it seemed a little toastier than it might have by itself.

The new Suzor releases are on deck for free run juice this week. Stay tuned. I just need to find the best picture from three years of tasting with them to go on the cover. I always look forward to Greg’s wines.

Not had this, but Suzor’s Gamay was divine! [cheers.gif]