TN: 2019 Six Cloves Wines Chardonnay Linda Vista Vineyard

Wow drinking Linda Vista 2019. It is everything Brian Tuite said. This is bright and fresh, lean, with mineral, limestone, fresh, tart, white fruit, and Harvey lemon. It is lovely, and I love it. I like the Trout Gulch reference! Jamie Kutch’s version IS my favorite Chardonnay! (94 pts.)

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My tasting note from NewbiePalooza:

2019 Six Cloves Wines Chardonnay Linda Vista Vineyard - USA, California, Napa Valley, Oak Knoll District (11/16/2021)
Light straw colored, 13.2% alcohol. This is a lovely, understated, feminine style of Chardonnay. The nose brings faint aromas of pineapple, sweet lemon, and sea shell. On the palate, another light layer of marine minerals, white grapes, tart orange and orange zest, tart apple. The wine has light concentration, but still an abundance of flavor, complexity and character. There is no noticeable oak presence, allowing the vineyard’s voice to be heard.

This wine has a Chablis sensibility, but it speaks a little more quietly. I realize I am probably being influenced by knowing Sonoe’s background, but this did remind both me and my wife of the best Koshu white wines we have had from Japan. And for another observation made with the benefit of knowing a bit of background, I also think the wine reminds me of Matthiasson’s chardonnay from the same vineyard, which I’ve had several times but probably not in a year or two. Just going from memory, maybe this wine is a bit more cerebral and complex.

All told, I enjoyed it greatly.


Thanks guys! Y’all are such enablers. [cheers.gif] This is the exact type of chardonnay that i like. Hate the oak bombs. I guess i’ll have to give them a try. Sigh…

Well nutz! They don’t ship to GA.

I wasn’t going to enable you like that, but since you’re in Georgia, I figured it was okay.

Please try it. I like it on second as well maybe even more….

I met with Sonoe last year for the first time when she was at Medlock Ames. Limited selection though I liked what I tasted with her, the 2018 vintage.

They don’t ship to VA either… but we have our ways …

<333333 to the wine maker 1000%

I bit on her newbiepalooza library 2pack and opened the 2018 Linda Vista Chard over the weekend. Literally lovely stuff, deliciously understated and balanced. I look forward to trying her pinot noir. This person knows exactly what she’s doing.

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