TN: 2019 Friedrich Becker Weissburgunder "Kalkgestein" (Germany, Pfalz)

As mentioned on another thread I went through a rough patch (albeit a very short one) where I simply could not enjoy a glass of wine or beer as my sense of smell was not there. I spent the last few days at our cottage where I had a couple of glasses of forgettable wine that seemed to taste as it should so I wanted to open something from my cellar once I got back home.

I can’t recall when I last had something from Becker but I have always enjoyed the wines and can only wonder why I don’t buy/drink them regularly. Maybe because they are more known as a red wine producer and I tend to only buy French and Italian reds? Anyhow this was just as good as my previous experiences, if then more obviously oak-aged than same wine’s 2011 vintage. The wine was so damn open right from the get go that I did not have to do any guessing whether my senses were back or not. Good times.

  • 2019 Friedrich Becker Weissburgunder “Kalkgestein” - Germany, Pfalz (11.8.2021)
    The nose is a beauty: generous and expressive with ripe fruits of peach and mirabelle, judicious, chalk, slightly smoky oak and faint spiciness. Stings the nostrils ever so slightly, which is something I love. On the palate it is relatively full bodied with an abundance of ripe fruit that sports a sweetish tone. Despite the volume and the heft it is not flabby due to its more than decent acidity that forms a nice backbone and provides excellent energy. Among the plentiful fruit and again very appropriate wood there is a cool minerally streak running through the palate all the way to the tangy finish, leaving a lingering mouth-watering sensation. Highly drinkable and tasty.

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