TN: 2019 Domaine William Fèvre Chablis 1er Cru Vaulorent - 2016 Foillard Morgan Cuvee 3.14

With our respective wives and families out of town last night, it was great to get back to Maple Valley to throw back two really nice wines last night with Wags. Mariners won a tightly contested game. The chicken thighs were perfect. We had a fun game at the end watching the opening credits of our favorite TV shows from the late 70’s and early to mid 80’s. Unanimous winner (Miami Vice and Magnum PI were off the books) was the 6 Million Dollar Man. Gentleman, We Can rebuild him…

  • 2019 Domaine William Fèvre Chablis 1er Cru Vaulorent - France, Burgundy, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru (8/6/2023)
    2nd Bottle I have had of the 19 Valourent and the second time it has delivered the Chablis goods. I decanted it for 2.5 hrs, in which the essence a Granny Smith bounced around the decanter, some oceanic stuff too. We are in business. While there is some richness felt around the edges, this is very committed to being both energetic and spry. Beyond the just right amount of mid palate acidity, there is very tactical roll out of the wines mineral core, a bit of iodine, a hovering floral halo and really nice thrust on the lengthy finish. Taking Raveneau out of the equation, its wines like this that have at the top tier of the Chablis hierarchy, at least for my taste. Plus with Diam 10 – I have no issues worrying when pulling the cork as I have yet to have a premoxed Fevre post 2010. (94 points)

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  • 2016 Jean Foillard Morgon Cuvée 3.14 - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon (8/6/2023)
    P&P and I do feel this would have benefited with a decant. Ok, there is a lot going on here that its hard to get it down on paper, but I’ll give it the ol’ college try. There was a bit of formaldehyde scent that was puzzling but did seem to slowly dissipate over time – but was still present till the end. Side note, Jared couldn’t detect it all which supports something I was reading that people really vary on the sense or smell formaldehyde. That out of the way, this for lack of better word, was just groovy. A truly psychedelic Gamay, a kaleidoscope of flavors (and colors in my mind – was this spiked Jared?) offering endless flavor combinations, all of which were very savory – all of which were delicious. What a fun Bojo!


Six Million Dollar Man, what an intro!

Wines weren’t bad, either. Great notes, my friend!

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Thanks Dale. Fevre made really good '19’s.

The music immediately started in my head.

“Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive. . . .”

I gave up on Fevre after so many poxxed bottles from the early aughts. Great to hear the situation is seemingly much better because the wines can deliver.

2016 probably very young for a pnp foillard pi but thanks for taking one for the team and glad it showed well.


It was a super fun execise Jason, blastjng through our favorite tv show opening credit theme songs from yesteryear. It started when I bought the Miami Vice Blue Ray set a while back and proclaimed to Jared that Jan Hammers original score was the best in tv history. In 2 seconds you know what type of show is coming…


Not just the score. The whole intro is so telling!

The 1st season was just magic - Michael Mann was heavily involved that 1st season - essentially bringing a feature film production to a tv series. And the MUSIC! So good. I’m half way through Season 2 and the list of stars that were not stars at the time is just staggering - Any breaking Bad Bad - Better Call Saul will certainly recognize this villain below. Fun fact - he used his time on this MV episode by watching Edward James Olmos Lt Castillo character - his stillness etc to shape the character he was on BB and BCS.

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