TN: 2019 Domaine Glantenay Volnay 1er Cru Les Brouillards

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Interesting…I tasted only a couple of days ago Domaine Bernard & Thierry Glantenay Volnay 1er Cru Les Brouillards 2019, I gave it the following review:
After the underwhelming Volnay Village, I had to open my only bottle of a 1er Cru in the hope of finding something special. This certainly was a setup in quality, but not at 1er cru level, Savoury aromas of herbs, lightly grilled spices, cola, a touch of light smoke, dark plums, cherries, the famous soya sauce comes back as well. The palate is medium-bodied, initially silky with dark red fruit and grilled herbs, the mid-palate fades quite quickly though. This leads to a savory and slightly hot finish. The Al% on this is high, the bottle says 14%, yet I think more 14.5%, The Al will probably integrate, yet I still find it quite high and others might as well. Overal not a producer I would rebuy and for the price, I believe there are better deals in Bourgogne. 91

Alexander. This is Domaine Georges Glantenay. Sarah and Guillaume. It is different than Bernard and Thierry Glantenay.

Glad to see your continued discovery/pleasure with another one of my team, Don.
Yeah, those “kids” are making some seriously seriously good wines.
The '19 Brouillards blew me away as well. So very complete between fruit florals and minerality, with so much pleasure and purity. I was floored. They have a massive 1+ hectare chunk of Brouillards, so I consider it their flagship.
I tasted with them two weeks ago, and the '20s are also outstanding.
I’ve been telling William Kelley he needs to go check it out, but not yet, as far as I am aware.
Absolutely top notch address, humming below the radar…

Oh, and Guillaume is verrrryyy attentive to detail, part of the reason the wines are so good. He didn’t make a single wine above 13.7% alcohol, I believe, anytime in the string of hot hot '18 '19 '20…
AND the whites are also really really good…
You will only hear more in due time…

Yes I know, my comment was mainly just a comparison of a different producer from the same 1er Cru, vintage…

Thanks Don, it’s available for 65 bucks at a local seller that’s a bit of a hike from me, will give it a try. The Bernard and Thierry wines have always seemed like classic 20 year wines to me…not a lot of early easy pleasure. They always got closed out here a year or two after release so I picked up a selection of '08-'10 1er crus very reasonably. The only one I tried recently–Chenes?–was pretty grumpy still.

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Thanks for the TNs. Interesting…

Domaine Bernard & Thierry Glantenay wines from vintage 2019 were just released in Quebec, by SAQ in the last few week. They were gone within a week after they were released on for on-line sell. I bought their village; Santenots and CdChenes ( and did not buy the Les Brouillards).

I did not dare to open them as I was informed by importer of Burgundy wines in Montreal, Quebec that in order to know the wine better, I should wait at least 6 months to avoid any bottle-shock during the transportation of the wine from France into Quebec.

Alexander…No offense is intended. [cheers.gif]

I am just curious regarding your comments and TNs. Did you try B. Glantenay wines from older vintages ?

In burgundy wines, everyone talk about producer, producer and producer. My reasons for the above question was due to your comments in the following:

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Topic: 2014 Kumeu River, Mate’s Vineyard, Chardonnay
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Re: 2014 Kumeu River, Mate’s Vineyard, Chardonnay
I love Kumeu River wines, and to be honest what is white burgundy? There are so many styles I am not sure we can say whether a wine tastes or not like white burgundy. I know a lot of people like to compare, but one thing for sure, this certainly is one of the best producers of Chardonnay in the New …****


A few comments: No I have not tasted older vintages, maybe it would dramatically change but I doubt. Again this is my opinion and I respect those who enjoy this style of wine. The wines did sell fast in Quebec due to their price, in my opinion, they are not worth that, and better QPR wines can be found in Burgundy.

As for Kumeu, my point was a lot of New World producers are trying to ‘replicate’ Burgundy, and since there are so many different styles within Burgundy I struggle to understand what they are trying to replicate. Maybe terroir-focused wines? I truly believe that great wine can be made in the New World as well as the Old World, and the focus should be letting the land, not the winemaker do the talking. Just because I represent the New World does not mean I don’t like the Old World. Over 50% of my cellar is French wine :slight_smile: Cheers!

Alexander - much appreciated and thanks for your quick additional comments. Now I understand and respected your TNs …more…as stated in Post 2.

*****The wines did sell fast in Quebec due to their price, in my opinion, they are not worth that, and better QPR wines can be found in Burgundy. *****

May I have an example please ? flirtysmile

Hi…Stan - thanks for the TNs.

My experience with B. Glantenay wines are similar to your…in that they are ****l…like classic 20 year wines to me…not a lot of early easy pleasure.****l

*The only one I tried recently–Chenes?–was pretty grumpy still.

It is Clos des Chenes" Jasper Morris rated it …as exceptional 1er cru.

Personally I prefer B Glantenay’s Santenots - it is the same price as CdChenes in Quebec at around CA $80.