TN; 2019 Domaine De Villaine La Digoine (Cote Chalonnaise)

PNP and straight out of the gate this is a bruiser, very very primary and ripe.
I dont tend to drink young burgs so I had to really get my head around this wine, this wine is very ripe and that runs all the way through to the ripe tannins that butt up against but sit inside the finishing acidity. There is no stoniness to this wine (like the 2016) and it doesnt have the minerality of the 2015 but it feels like they achieved phenolic ripeness with enough acidity to allow it to improve in bottle for 8-12 years.
For the price this is a very well crafted wine that I quite enjoyed ( I will be letting the other bottles rest until 2029) and I think it will be a favourite among my non wine friends who prefer reds in a riper style.

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I’ve been drinking these for many years and just don’t know what to expect from recent vintages. 2018 was super ripe and not my thing, 2015 not far behind, but I still put a few away to see.

Thanks for the TN! This is timely as it’s coming in next week over here (along with Les Montots) and I have to make a call on whether I am buying or not. Have you had the Digoine 2018? How would you compare it to this 2019?

Hi Phil, sorry I skipped the 17s and 18s, of the 3 recent vintages I have tried 15 has been the best (including 19). I grabbed 6 of these and 6 of the Montots on pre arrival and I think they were around $45 NZD a bottle. I am positive that they would slay any $45 kiwi pinot and would probably mop up a few of the $100 bottles as well. The 19s are a bit of a syrah drinkers burg and the terrior is a bit anonymous at this stage, but I am sure that with a few years in bottle it will show a bit more

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