TN: 2019 Didier Fornerol Cote de Nuits Villages

2019 Didier Fornerol Cote de Nuits Villages

This is super pretty on the nose, with some cranberries and other red fruits. It’s a bit sappy on the palate while remaining lighter bodied with more very pure and precise crunchy red fruits. Very nice acidity which was in balance and a very clean finish. Not super complex or dense, but super refreshing and enjoyable. This is definitely a drinking wine, but a really good one.


Sounds nice. Grabbed a couple of cases to try.

Interesting…and thanks for the TNs. Sadly his wines are not here in Quebec, Canada.

This is just firing on all cylinders.

There’s a super pretty cranberry note that just draws you in. Reminds me of the best possible cranberry relish at thanksgiving and I don’t generally even like cranberries. Beautiful, sensual, intellectual, and crushable.

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2019 Domaine Didier Fornerol Côte de Nuits Villages - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Côte de Nuits Villages (9/27/2022)
– decanted 1 hr. before initial taste –
– tasted non-blind over 1.5 hrs. –

NOSE: mostly red-fruited: red currants; cherry; boysenberry; medium expressiveness (comes across as brooding).

BODY: medium-light bodied; dark garnet color of medium depth.

TASTE: red-fruited; light to medium-light sweet oak note; clean; 13.7% alc. not noticeable; medium+ acidity; whisper of superfine tannins; medium-light to medium concentration of fruit flavor; little hint of XMas spice; tasty/solid, but not complex; wouldn’t pay more than $45 - $50. Drink or Hold; I will sit on my other bottle for at least a couple years.

50, 5, 12, 15, 7 = (89 pts.)

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I posted this last month. I’ll open another couple of bottles tonight with dinner and see if maybe it was “travel shock” lol.

Pogeba’d a 2019 Didier Fornerol CdN Villages. I heard it was great, so I bought 2 cases. Quite quaffable, but not much better than a $20 wine. I’ll serve it to the neighbors.

Edit: decided just to pop one now. It does have some nice complexity that is above a standard village level, but where I feel like it doesn’t overdeliver is in weight and finish. It’s very drinkable, but predictable village level weight and nothing more. But it’s a good wine to have around when non-wine friends come over.


I recall seeing William Kelley post that these gain a lot more complexity with some age, for what it’s worth. I’ve been debating whether to give mine a few years before touching them.

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I have 6 bottles and drank one back in February of this year. It was good, not great. Solid CdN characteristics, but the 13.7% alc. was noticeable in a somewhat clipped, bitter finish. I’ll be waiting a year or two before opening another bottle.


He did say that. There’s absolutely no point in opening one now, unless one merely wants the rack space.

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I thought it was great early but I also like drinking young burgundy.

I opened 3 last night. Have most of the third bottle to try tonight. I think it seems to improve with air and I also like drinking young Burg. But my issue is not that it’s not a good drink, just that it needs to add some weight.

I mean, it’s a cote de nuits villages; I think it is exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Try one with 10+ years on the clock from a good vintage and see what you think!


Depends where you are in CdN-Villages…

Look at this: Google Maps

Tell me why the right hand side of the wall is supposed to produce serious, structured wines and the left hand side, light, easy drinking wines?

RHS is Clos de la Maréchale, LHS is Côte de Nuits-Villages Les Vaucrain…

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And another 10 years for the Rue de Foins? I have 19s and 20s of both but yet to open any.

The wines are made the same way so even if the Rue des Foins (amusingly once entered into our database as Rue des Fions by one of my predecessors, an error I hesitated to amend) has more to give… so I don’t think it’s a case of needing to wait all that much longer! I am trying to stock up and then attack vintages along the lines of 2017 at age 7+, and vintages along the lines of 2019 at more like 10-12+


I have been opening some 2019s, not this one, and in all cases, they were hard on the first day, and much, much better on the second day. I’m thinking of checking in on the 2016 Fornerol CdN.


The '12 Rue des Foins is in a perfect spot right now and 15 is drinking well. '16 needs more time. Haven’t opened any others recently.

That’s fair. I find mostly boring right now, so for me it’s a Hold-n-Hope.

I opened the 2016 today and I thought it was quite nice. It had a spiced plum and floral nose. It’s chewy with black pepper, minerals and sour cherry. I’ll wait on my remaining bottles, but right now, it is easy drinking.

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