TN: 2019 Bevan Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Dry Stack

  • 2019 Bevan Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Dry Stack - USA, California, Sonoma County, Bennett Valley (8/8/2020)
    My distaste for Sauvignon Blanc is legend, and this really is not my thing. That being said, it is a very well made wine, but for my palate, an amalgam of flavors that do not combine to a harmonious whole. Fresh straw bedding for a stable (no stable aromas), under ripe tropical notes, fresh mown grass, mint, and a milky/lactic element that seems contrived/out of place. That’s all for me. I bet others would find it much more pleasurable. There is objectively nothing wrong with this wine. I…just…hate…Sauvignon…Blanc.

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Before you throw in the towel on SB… try Realm Fidelio.
If that doesn’t convince you, then you truly hate SB.

You must really hate SB. The Bevan is a good example of a well made one.

That’s exactly what people told me about the Bevan.

I also dislike SB in general. Russell Bevan poured me a glass of his at a tasting where we were both pouring, and I could not drink it.
Just not my thing.

I am a fan of some SB, Bevan’s is a good tasting version for me, but I understand the dislike—especially if your white wine of preference is Riesling, or some unoaked, leaner Chardonnay, etc.

I do feel that I should say that if you like SB, this is probably an excellent wine.