TN: 2019 Bernard Baudry Les Grézeaux

Palace Pub and Wine in Coral Springs has it

So funny, a wine store in my small town that I’ve never even heard of! Thanks for the tip.

I think it’s new, no WS rating. Hopefully means it’s not been on a shelf long.

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He works with very light infusion. So they can even have a bit of a carbonic vibe. And that’s probably also why they show less greenness.

Try one and see if you like it. The 2020 (base Saumur-Champigny) needs a little air, but is very approachable.

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Goldenshower (what we lovingly call it) is not far from me…Ill grab one…thx

Can’t blame, it’s a great style indeed.

Bought mine from France when they were just released back in October. So guess they are fairly new in stock in the US. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems like this is a relatively new import, but 2018 is anvailable along with a mag of 2017. I was referring to the store as new, though.
No reviews except in the French review site, La Revue, per WS

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