TN: 2019 Bernard Baudry Les Grézeaux

I love this. Cabernet Franc in all its glory (or conscious lack thereof). There’s a beautiful line of dark sauvage character that runs through it; impossibly dark red fruit that stains the glass, blackberry, iron, leather, an almost Syrah-like savouriness with a bit of pepper and brine. A green streak, yes, but perfectly placed in the prism of expressive elements that this wine possesses. The palate is vibrant, lithe and energetic, with lingering mouthcoating tannins that make for a structure to match the intensity of the nose. I love it now, but it’s more than capable of unfolding in the cellar. Outrageous complexity and layering for a wine at this price point. This just feels so honest, so direct, and such a pure and clear statement of purpose that I cannot do anything except marvel at how delicious it is and be happy that I’ve got a couple more bottles.


I second that emotion and bought a 6 pack after testing a bottle last autumn.

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Anyone tried the 2019 Clos Guillot yet?

Shouldn’t all wine experiences be like Sean’s?


Nice note Sean and I too tried a bottle of this in early September and fell in love and then went back to the well for more in both 750 and mag. Really liking the 2019 vintage in the Loire.

‘19 Les Grez
Wonderfully perfumed with black raspberry, blackberry, bell pepper and earthy tobacco scents that lead to a plush, crushed black raspberry with mineral and spice undertones that dance on the finish. 93

Seems like I rated the Clos Guillot the same, so maybe I should peg them against each other and see what comes out on top.

‘19 Clos Guillot
Soaring aromas of black cherry, leather and pepper that lead to a silky, fresh blackberry, tobacco leaf and mineral driven palate that is both long and savory. 93


If only!

This is one of my first forays into '19 Loire and if this is a bellwether, sign me all the way up. Will try to seek out other cuvées, though I feel Grézeaux is the value play of the lineup.

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Thanks for these notes on the 19s, guys. I have them in hand but have not yet popped any. Will soon.

I had a bottle of this last night and also enjoyed it very much. The wine just bursts out of the glass immediately upon opening. Definitely some brett in my bottle, but I don’t really mind that. Others might. First impression is a ton of graphite and dark berry fruit. After being open a while I pick up a lot of midpalate bitterness. Tried to puzzle out where it was coming from, whether it was related to the tannin as seemed likely or something else. After a few hours this began to subside and the wine seemed sweeter as a result. Overall really good, but I’ll wait a few years on my other bottles to see if the bitterness resolves.

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drank a couple b of 2020 les Granges in the Loire this week. Nice.

Have a few of these coming and now I’m pretty excited about it. Thanks for the note.

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Thanks for the notes Sean, JC and Michael, have had rather mixed experiences with Baudry in the past but did grab a couple of 19s on a whim - as you say the price point is worth the dice roll.

Drinking this tonight and loving it.

Not that I take issue with anything else you wrote in your note, but I thought I would highlight the above because it nicely captures what I was having a difficult time putting into words. Well done!

While I have several more bottles of this wine, I wish I had more.

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These wines are one of the last great old world bargains. Load up while you still can. I love the entire range.

Yup, been buying yearly since the 09 vintage, popped a 19 Les Grez last week and promptly ordered even more!

While they are very good and i buy them myself i don’t think the prices will explode. I think the segments that are driving up prices for Burgundy and Barolo are different to the ones driving up prices for certain producers in Jura and Loire, with an overlap in grower Champagne. I think Baudry’s style falls between chairs. I am certainly the only one of my millennial friends with any interest in them.

But i am just guessing of cause.

I love these wines. I love loire. Every time I drink one of these I think the same thing as what you stated, “buy all you can you silly bastard!” And then my wife pours her glass down the drain.

These are not for everyone (thank Christ!). They will never become out of range. And that’s the way wine (and other shit) should work. There’s already way to much decent wine out of range for people just getting interested. Loire, and more specifically Baudry, exists because God truly does love us and wants everyone to experience genius. He will never allow this wine to become unobtainable for the masses.

Praise be Baudry. This is the way.

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I dunno. At one point in time, the same thing probably could be said about Clos Rougeard before it became unobtainable.

But, here’s hoping you’re right.

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Of course I hope these stay affordable forever, but if they do explode in price at least we can all say we stocked up while they were bargains. They are such beautiful and classic expressions of Loire CF, I can’t really understand why they wouldn’t eventually go the way of Allemand, Clape, Jamet, Chave, Gonon, Rayas, Lafarge, Chevillon, Duajc, Rougeard. I suppose what makes them different than these is higher instances of Brett, and as long as the wine elites view that as a flaw then maybe prices will remain low?

Brett ain’t a flaw to this guy, but I’m more country bumpkin than AFWE!

Hey, I’m firmly in the AFWE territory and have no issues whatsoever with brett!

And to be frank, I think AFWE people never have had problems with brett tolerance. I’ve understood it’s the Parker crowd who think a wine showing any brett is instantly faulty.