TN: 2018 Tablas Creek Picardan

2018 Tablas Creek Picardan - USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles Adelaida District (4/19/2020)
Beautiful light gold in the glass. Aromas of freshly grated lemon pith and a slight hint of ginger. This is bright and juicy on the tongue with loads of lemon tart, key lime, mouth watering acidity and a long refreshing finish. The flavors really reveal themselves with a bit of air and some time to come up in temp. (90 pts.)

I actually have not had the TC Picardan but I really love their Rhone whites and have been buying a couple of cases each year for fun summer quaffing. I will have to include a few bottles of the Picardan in next years order. I had a bottle of the '17 TC Viognier a few days ago that was delicious.

I’ve been on the ‘white’s wine only’ club for several years. Six bottles two times a year. The Picardan is wonderful. There are so many white varietals they produce. And, the different white blends are fascinating after trying the main component grape wines. I have gone through a few cases of their whites and all of them have been really good and quite a value. Plus, educational!

Hmmmmm, this might not be a bad idea. I’ve been a club member for quite some time and tend to favor their whites over reds. I may follow your lead.

The ‘ Vinsider’ club also gives you reduced pricing. I have bought an extra 6-12 bottles of less expensive whites (Grenache blanc, Cotes Tablas Blanc) during the September shipment. Holiday party wines and small gifts. They usually come in around $20 a bottle net. Many friends are white wine only drinkers and white Rhône varietals have been well received (more Pinot for me!).

Just joined the white only club. If I want reds I can just add them to a shipment with the discount. Can’t wait.