TN: 2018 Schloss Lieser Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett

Lovely stony sea spray, lime, overripe peach and just a touch of tropical melon on the nose. The palate is definitely not electric - bring on the 2019s! - but it’s supremely balanced with the sugar adding more texture and lightly coating mouthfeel than sweetness. Great value, classy and elegant.

I tend to find the Lieser wines on the richer side. They are tasty, but I don’t normally look to them for racy.

Nice note. Schloss Lieser Wehlener is where it’s at. Doesn’t matter the pradikat level or GG - the w-s wines are awesome. For me, second after his doctor.

Admittedly, I’ve only tried their Trockens and Kabinetts. I thought this was mostly vintage but I still find them delicious.

Same, re: the richness. I actually stayed away from buying their 2018s for that reason. Other vintages like 2016 and 2017 I thought they were reasonably balanced.

I don’t think of Lieser as richer across the board but it’s not the place to look for Kabi harvested at 80*. Of course it’s a big estate now so hard to keep track of fully.

I drank 2/3 of a Helden GG from 2019 last night. Really wonderful balance, stones with just a hint of tropical in the mid palate.