TN: 2018 Sandar and Hem Pinot Noir Mindego Ridge

Drinking this now. Really nice Pinot, very impressive just 20 minutes out of the bottle, PnP. Great fruit, evident throughout. Wonderful nose of fruit with savory notes and maybe a bit of wood, but more savory than anything like clear oak aromas. Nice rosy color. Very rounded, deep fruit but not too much in any direction. Good, tangy finish that goes on and makes you (or me) take another sip. Delightful! Glad this new BD entry is with us now. AG liked it too - he says red cherry, mint, rose petal and deep fruit. OK, sure, I can see all of that. Yum - great way to start a weekend.

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I bought a sampler pack that included it. I’m guessing a few years in the cellar will benefit it? What’s your recommendation???

When I had it in September it showed well and opened up nicely, but I had the impression 2-3 years would bring it out more.

If you want an interesting insight or comparison, K&L has the very last 10 bottles of a small declassified lot. It was a late ripening clone the Mindego folks then grafted to something else. Light body, which didn’t work well with the other clones, but the aromatics are amazing and it’s ready to go.

Yes, I agree, there is plenty of structure to hold up fine. But it’s pretty great now, and I think it’s worth it to find out more about what these folks are about. I drank the Bates cab that came in the sampler as well on the early side and really liked that too. Crazy times - why wait?