TN: 2018 Rose Side By Side Tercero and Scherrer

Interesting side by side.

2018 Scherrer Dry Rose: Beautiful pale salmon color. Strawberry, a hint of oregano, spice and limestone on the nose. Lovely texture, strawberry on the attack with nice bracing acidity.

2018 Tercero Mourvèdre Rose: almost identical salmon color. Definite feral Mourvèdre note on the attack along with some melon fruit and just a hint of white pepper. Thick, viscous texture with nice balancing acidity and just a hint of vanilla bean on the finish. Lovely.

Both wines are very enjoyable, but have to give the Tercero a slight edge as it has just a little more oomph. Two of my favorite winemakers doing great things.

I brought a mag of 2018 Tercero to a BBQ this weekend.

I pull up and open the back of the car and the mag rolls out and crashes on the drive at my feet… F me

I think Tercero and Liquid Farm make the two best rosé from California.

I have Scherrer in the garage somewhere. I’ll get to it next.