TN: 2018 Keller "Piesport" - first Dry Mosel Riesling by KP Keller

First I thought I would write nothing, as the wine is not available on the market, BUT I thought Robert Dentice is certainly curious. [drinks.gif]

2018 Keller “Piesport”, Riesling, Mosel

Here we have the first Dry Mosel Riesling by KP Keller from Schubertslay. Based on 60 years old vines, ca 3t/ha yield. There exist also a GG Schubertslay based on 120 years old vines.

Green-yellow colour and bewitching floral perfume. On the palate a breathtaking fineness&silkiness and with a deep, deep minerality which is still dozing. In addition a lot of floral flavors especially jasmine. Last but not least classic Keller precision&purity and bright clarity. 12,5%

Quite possible that the estate Keller will set the benchmark for dry Mosel Riesling with the 2019 version. We will find out.


Nice Martin, good info. Thanks.



Yes I am very curious. Thank you for the note. What is the story behind this wine?

I did open one of my Schubertslay GG’s and was completely blown away by how good it is.

Interesting, it exist also a Schubertslay GG. I missed this. I will correct my text.

The “Piesport” is kept at the estate.

I think the '19 is out there. Anybody try it?