TN: 2018 Il Fortunato (Italy)

  • 2018 Il Fortunato - Italy (3/30/2020)
    First from the half case of inexpensive wines I got from CSW to see me through SIP. I opened it for an Om-Nomi with college friends. I was looking for a prosecco to try my Aperol Spritz making skills and this description on their website looked promising:

This is a rare item: Clean, crisp dry Prosecco, made from organic fruit, indigenous yeasts, very low SO2. This is a wine that will please everyone – your inner wine geek, and your (here please fill in the blank for your friend or relative who pays no attention to the details but will guzzle it down and ask for more). An amazing value! Jamie Wolff

Poured out a glass and … this is really good. Bright, lively, some depth and complexity. Was this really only $14? I build a Spritz, quickly decided it was much better on its own and drank it straight for the rest of the Zoom call. Buy again? Definitely.

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Haven’t had it, but nice to hear. Bravo Jay, and Jamie!

Crazy price

Honestly I’d put it at the level of a good NV Champagne. Not my absolute favorites but including ones that I like quite a lot.

Of course given the low sulphur regimen much less likely to age but at $14 who cares?