TN: 2018 Ceritas Chardonnay Charles Heintz Vineyard

  • 2018 Ceritas Chardonnay Charles Heintz Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (9/20/2020)
    My wife knows when I’ve had a rough day, and this was on counter when I got in the door to accompany dinner. Lean Chard - I think their Zephyr has the edge with its apple/malic Riesling-esqe vibe, but this is right up there. Excellent. A little more floral than the Zephyr, but in the same world. Perhaps a tad bit softer. No oak, no BS. No Chard medicinal notes, just fruit, acid and wonderfulness. I’m really impressed with John Raytek’s winemaking. It’s modern, it’s fresh, it’s cutting edge. (94 pts.)

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Nice note, Adam,

I drank the '14 of this last night; it showed much as you say. I was surprised that it was a light more yellow-fruited than I expected, less lean and more giving, yet still some nice acidity and good balance. I drank it after a Reisling, a '15 Keller Von der Fels Trocken, which showed gloriously, so maybe it was that or vineyard characteristics?

The Heintz site has impressed me across multiple producers recently. Lots of great fruit coming out of there. Great to see this performing so well.

Just had the 2020. Crazy floral nose and just a very beautiful and elegant wine. The tropics/canned pineapple notes are held back to a minimum (thank god) and the lemon curd, herbal and subtle floral notes are allowed to take center stage. When it’s as good as this, Chardonnay can really be magic.

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Thanks for the note Adam, man you make the 2020 sound dam good, I loved the 18’ and you nailed the characteristics of the wine. I’m a big acid head so Rayteks chards hit the mark for me, to me, it’s more Chablis like than white burg but either way they are delicious.

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Ceritas is tops. The only Chardonnay I have not purchased is the Zephyr, and with your mention of it in the same sentence as Riesling, that is enough to keep me away!

You’re missing out!