TN: 2018 Cadence Ciel du Cheval Vineyard (USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Red Mountain)

  • 2018 Cadence Ciel du Cheval Vineyard - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Red Mountain (12/11/2021)
    Decanted 2 hrs – I always drink a Cadence CdC first from my membership for no particular reason. I don’t know if its vine age, perhaps Ben’s incredible talents are finding better avenues to manage hotter and hotter vintages, but this was a really beauty. I usually get a very defined adjective / noun word block I use on a fresh Ciel, roses, unsweetened baking chocolate, violets etc. Not here. This was all about its seamless structure and balance, not a fault line to be detected all the way to the finish which does yield a little kiss of cassis and some flowery suggestions. Impossible not to think of Bordeaux, but while contemplating if this would be a good ringer in a blind flight, no, this is classic WA, and for that matter, classic Ciel du Cheval. The Swan Song vintage for Cadence from this vineyard, it will be missed. (94 pts.)

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Edit: for some reason I read Klipsun referencing the vineyard sale…still love Cadence and Ciel is still owned by the Holmes family.

Have always loved their Ciel du Cheval, and sad to see it go. But I think Ben and Gaye’s plan has always been to eventually quit buying other folks’ grapes. This is your last chance on their Ciel, and next year will be your last on Taptiel. (But there will also be special projects, so soon you’ll actually get to try a Chardonnay).

Dale nice note. WTSO has this Cadence wine for $39.99 and free shipping. Should I get a bottle or two?
Cadence Winery ‘Bel Canto’ Red Blend Red Mountain Washington 2017

John–I’m not Dale (and also it doesn’t look like you quite finished your thought, either), but I would certainly get some, probably more than a bottle or two. The wine is excellent, and will last 20+ years in your cellar if you can keep hands off and get enough. And this is your last chance to get a Ben Smith made Ciel–they aren’t going to make any more. and $40 is a pretty good deal these days for a top Washington wine. (another note is that the Camerata is killer this year. Pretty sure the winery is sold out.)

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Good advice and purchased.

Adding on to John S’s reply that is a no brainer price for the Bel Canto - cheaper than even the club price. One of the better cab franc/ merlot blends out there domestically. Also, as John alluded to aging - ignore drinking windows on CT for cadence in general. They are almost criminally underestimated as to their capacity to age and develop.

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Nice Dale. I have always enjoyed the Ciel from Januik. I’ll have to try the Cadence wines again. Full Pull had a good deal on some Ciel cab from Soos Creek.

Agree on all points. That’s about as low a price as I’ve ever seen on Bel Canto. In my opinion, Bel Canto is as good a Cab Franc dominant as any made in WA (and quite likely the best value one). Each vintage, I open one bottle young to satisfy my curiosity. Then I throw the rest in the back of the cellar. Don’t even think about opening them for 10 or more years. I think they really start to shine at 15 to 20 years. YMMV.

Can’t beat the free shipping from WTSO.

This wine is impressive on the pop and pour!
2017 Cadence Bel Canto Cara Mia Vineyard - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Red Mountain (2/2/2022)
Day 1: Bordeaux Style Blend featuring Cabernet Franc. Outstanding wine with tobacco, raspberries, spice, minerals, floral and dust. Drinking well on the pop and pour. 73% Cabernet Franc,18% Merlot,9% Petit Verdot (Natural cork) 93 points (93 points)