TN: 2017 Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Cellarius I

  • 2017 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Cellarius I - USA, California, Napa Valley (3/15/2021)
    I know, infanticide. Sometimes you have to just go there. End of a good day, wanted something above average and this is definitely above average. Three hour decant. Heavy, Inky garnet/violet in the glass. The nose is sharp and weighted, black cherry and black fruits, smokiness, pepper, cedar, vanilla. Front is black cherry touched with vanilla extract, great focus to start then you get a kick of pepper with some blackberry and a hint of anise towards the middle. Just lovely on texture. Could have been a tannic beast by the nose; anything but. The fruit is the star however its all well integrated and everything in its place, velvety, surprising for the youth. Medium acidity and a lengthy finish of all the same. I need more of this. A bottle that opens and then you wonder where it went.

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Interesting as I actually have one bottle! I found previous cellarius’s to be super smooth but not much flavor.

Have not had many earlier and I’m sitting on a small pile gong back to 2013. This one I just kinda grabbed no reason, a good 3 hours wide bottom decanter, the fruit was solid. Its not super forward; its just right in place with the structure and works. Solid. Sipping now, the nose is on point and the palate is killing it. Very happy. Earlier years… more tannic, fruit still figuring itself out, closed in some cases. Was surprised that this was a 2017 to be honest. Its not cheap butt I may try and find more; maybe see what secondary holds with some patience. Regardless, I’m pretty surprised.

Edit: I had to double check the vintage to make sure I missed something, its a 2017

I will have to look at drinking the 17 then! I know the 12 specifically was smooth but not much fruit/flavor. I have some 13s and 16s as well. I know you can probably get some more from Stag’s Leap. They usually try to sell their cellarius

I’d pop this again tomorrow. I get a case from them a year, all their goodies with the club discount. I’ll have to add some more of these are still there.

I loved what they did in 2013. That amazing 3 pack set for Cellarius I, II, III, in the wooden case, with the whole post card thing. Great wine and the packaging was just icing. They are sitting in bins, kept that s bottle box to the side.

Nice! I actually recently got off their wine club. So many wine clubs I’m apart of ha.