TN: 2017 SQN Gorgeous Victim

I have been wanting to try this for the past year and finally opened this tonight. No decanting, just pop and pour. This was drinking great from the first sip and only got better and better over the course of the evening. It was hard to keep my hands off of it and kept teasing me to come back for more. I tried to show some restraint and save some for tomorrow but I was too weak. Full-bodied, vibrant, full of fruit with a 45-sec lingering finish. Violets and floral notes on the nose along with some citrus mixed in although it took a little time for it to open. Although the label listed it at 15.7% alcohol, there was no hint of heat. Classic SQN wine and one of the best regular bottles I have had recently, 97 pts.

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Nice note, glad to hear it drinking well.

Agree with OP. I’ve had 2 bottles so far, both outstanding. Makes me hopeful for the 2017 EBAs.

Do SQN wines typically shut down for a period of time?

Never keep them around that long to find out

Some are approachable early, like the subject wine. Most need 5+ years and a long decant. I’ve never experienced an SQN shutting down, but I usually don’t touch
them for at least 5 yrs so maybe. Gorgeous Victim is the exception for me. I’ve looked at CT notes on SQN and haven’t found it mentioned.

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