TN : 2017 Shiba Wichern Nuestro Sueño Pinot Noir

Last night I finally got around to making spatchcock chicken(Bell & Evans). This chicken had Penzeys Singapore spice blend on for 2 days and I made an olive oil honey glaze to finish. Decided to finally open a Shiba Wichern pinot noir that I acquired in this year’s Beserker Day. This was their 2017 Nuestro Sueño bottling. Pulled from wine refrigerator in the morning and placed on counter until dinner. Nice clean DIAM cork on opening. In the glass the wine has a nice clean garnet color and nice subtle floral aroma…violets? In the mouth this medium bodied wine is beautifully balanced with strawberry, red cherry, and hint of raspberry. Nice touch of acidity and good length in the wine. There’s no sense of alcohol heat or oak on the palate . Not sure how long this wine will age for but my sense is that it’s terrific right now and will be so for another 5 years. I’ll try another in a few years to see if the flavor profile develops more complexity. BTW this wine was a great pairing with the spatchcock chicken, wild rice, and haricot vert beans.

Finishing a 2015 Nuestro Sueno I opened last night. Easy drinking. Better tonight.

We have a little more in the bottle for tonight. I really like that this pinot noir is true to varietal flavors and not unctuous.

Popped and poured at cellar temp. Lovely translucent dark red color. Pomegranate, Asian spices and sandalwood on a bright nose. Quite tart and tight on the palate - showing sharp cranberry and a very savory tea note with lots of acidity that carries from the mid palate through the finish. Very nicely made, but not giving a ton of pleasure as it needs some more fruit on the palate. Maybe better with dinner?

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Just to be clear, Jud, was this also the 2017?

Yes Brady it was. A berserkerday purchase IIRC. I like adding on to old threads so you get a sense of how wines are developing over time.
The wine was very good with dinner - the acidity needed some food to balance out and it also improved with some air time, so I enjoyed it more than my original note might have indicated.