TN: 2017 Rhys - Chenin Blanc Mt. Pajaro Vineyard (USA, California, Santa Cruz Mountains)

2017 Rhys Chenin Blanc Mt. Pajaro Vineyard - USA, California, Santa Cruz Mountains (7/28/2023)
– popped and poured –
– tasted non-blind over 1 -2 hrs on Day 1; revisited on Day 3 –

NOSE: banana leaf; oak; ripe papaya; light mango/light pear. Day 3: canned pears leads the way now.

BODY: pale yellow color; medium-light body.

TASTE: medium acidity; underbrush; flat mineral – quinine; more mineral than fruit; the fruit that is there is somewhat tropical, but also flat, the way Chenin can sometimes be — if we’re to make comparisons to France, we could say this has more of an old-school Savennieres-type of presentation. Day 3: same as Day 1. Overall, it’s fine/good, but not the bright/crisp style I prefer for Chenin; from that vantage point, I’d rather drink Guiberteau’s entry-level at half the price.

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