TN: 2017 Once & Future Wine Zinfandel Frank's Block Teldeschi Vineyard

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Nice! Franks Block has been far and away my favorite O&F wine (although I’ve only opened the 15 and 16 so far)

Yup. Jaw-droppingly good.

I always liked this bottling when Ravenswood. Always one of the better ones in his suite of wines. Good to see it is still firing.

So this followed on the heals of my finishing a smashing 2019 Chateau Durfort Vivens. I wanted a “bigger” wine and not necessarily old world tonight. In spirit of BD and all that. Big ripe black fruits, Christmas spices and wet earth, framed by excellent structure (acids and tannins). Almost claret-like in structure, this baby will go for years. Depth of fruit is fantastic. Round fruits and no hard edges. Really, nothing out of place, even very minimal perception of ABV and oak, more background notes if anything. An impeccable Zin. A @Rich_Brown juice.

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Very glad you enjoyed it so much. The O&F Teldeschi and Bedrock Lorenzo’s are touchstones for me.


Ya that Lorenzo’s is a favorite of mine as well, as is the Bedrock Heritage, Oakville Farmhouse and I’m really starting to dig Sky, even though Lore makes it better. I have a 2014 O&F Bedrock that I intend to pop over the next week.


Oakville Farmhouse is the bomb. Too bad it’s such small allocations.

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One of the most unique wines made in California.


Man, you guys are making me thirsty!

@Robert.A.Jr , That 14 O&F Bedrock has been winking at me for weeks now every time i go into the cellar. Pumped to hear your thoughts on it!