TN: 2017 Keplinger Grenache Basilisk

This was my very first Keplinger. I can’t remember what prompted a purchase a few months back, but I’m glad I did buy some. It was a random smattering of their wines, and this was the first I opened. I have far more exposure to French and Washington Grenache and very little (any?) exposure to California Grenach, and certainly not any from the Russian River Valley. This was truly unique and fantastic, although I’m going to let the other one wait for a few years. I’ve also got some of the '17 Lithic (Grenache blend), Sumo (Petite Sirah), and Hangman’s Syrah waiting.

  • 2017 Keplinger Grenache Basilisk - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (5/13/2020)
    Not decanted. The nose was fantastic: a darker Grenache profile, but not necessarily riper. Admittedly, this is my first RRV Grenache, so the uniqueness is quite enjoyable. On the palate, a whack of pretty firm tannin hits you, almost like a very young Sangiovese-based wine. Very pretty dark marionberry and cherry notes intermingled with slightly peppery spice. Drying on the palate. The very tannic presence suggests holding. The last glass three hours in was the best. Hold. (92 pts.)

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I try to let my Keplinger get 4-5 years minimum before starting to check in. Haven’t bought recently though, they’re nice wines, but a bit more expensive than some of their contemporaries.

That being said, received an email from them with a cooks guided blind tasting they’re curating with 8 ounce bottles they ship. A neat idea.