TN: 2017 Jean-Claude Ramonet Bourgogne (France, Burgundy, Bourgogne)

These entry level Ramonet do not seem to have that great of a reputation and I guess my experiences have mostly not been exactly mind-blowing. This is pretty dang nice for the money though and it already had some age on it when I bought it two years ago which is always a plus. Were I to define my ideal red Burg to start the week with this would be pretty close to it. Even the missus had a second glass, which is not a given when we are talking about affordable Pinot. The 12.5% ABV doesn’t hurt either.

  • 2017 Jean-Claude Ramonet Bourgogne - France, Burgundy, Bourgogne (11.6.2024)
    What a lovely pale color on this one. The nose is very fresh and pretty with wild red berries and emerging sous bois. Playful, articulate and seemingly very unadulterated. On the palate this is definitely light in weight but not at all bony or too lean. The intensity of the fruit is on point as is the ripeness. Feels like it was made with a very light touch as it is markedly elegant and effortless. Very much seamless from entry to finish, although it has some nice grip on the back end. A great representant of the 2017 vintage with its purity, freshness and low alcohol.

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Great note! I just had the 2019. Very perfumy and airy. Loved it! I feel it exceeded its price - I paid around 30 dollars I think.

Always love Ramonet BR.

Ramonet reds are really nice and often not very talked about because of the huge hype around the whites… His red Chassagne is insanely good value at €50 compared to so many other red producers in that price range.