TN: 2017 Guy Bernard Côte-Rôtie Cote Brune

  • 2017 Guy Bernard Côte-Rôtie Cote Brune - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, Côte-Rôtie (4/14/2024)
    Guy Bernard was the Domaine that set me on my journey into wine and this may be one of the the best bottles I have had from the estate, it was just elegant and beautiful.

    We decanted the wine and began enjoying it 20 minutes later. On the nose, the wine presented Rasberry, Blueberry, and Carmel, with hints of tar, and bacon fat. After an hour or so, violets and other florals emerge.

    On the palate, the immediate impression is elegance and complexity. Blue fruits, Blueberry, and hints of fig emerge on the midpalate, ending with the perfect dose of tannins. The finish lasts for days and the richness deepens and then fades leaving a lasting contentment, all is right with the world...

    I would recommend an hour decant at this point before enjoying

    I am in agreement with @PBAEK who posits that this wine may become something truly outstanding.

    Highly Recommended

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The late 80’s/ early 90’s bottling for Guy Bernard are some of my all time favorites. I haven’t had anything recent though. Need to change that!!

I see some 90 and 94 Cote Rotie for sale at a good price - worth a gamble you think or are these for sure over the hill?

Hi Jozef,

If they are in good shape, I think they will be fantastic. I still have some 1991’s that are drinking great and a mag of 1994 that I’m looking forward to opening.

I do really like mature syrah though!

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Nice note. And Peter (@PBAEK) knows what he is talking about.

Echoing what was said above, this domaine’s wines from the 90s were great, 98 and 99 especially so. It’s too bad that they sort of declined in the years after Guy retired (c.2001) but from reading JLL it sounds like they are on the upswing. Alas none is imported to the US.

@ryancurry, @Jozef.P and @Zachary_Ross - Thanks for all the great feedback and your comments reminded me of two 1999 Guy Bernard’s that I was able to find at auction at K&L and drank in 2015. One was sublime and the other corked :sob:, so truly this bottle was “one” of the best. I also just recently sourced one more 1999 and am saving it for a special occasion.

@Jozef.P - I would not hesitate to take a flyer on the 1990 as it is supposed to be a good vintage (and assuming good bottle condition and provenance), but I do not know about the 1994 and if you are like me with one good bottle and one bad, you will still be happy as the one bottle will be very very good!

@ryancurry - so jealous of '91’s - enjoy!

@Zachary_Ross - Sadly correct, no US importer. I have these shipped to the US from the individual who introduced me to the domain. He is a winemaker who lives in Condrieu. He owns a wine shop, wine bar, leads tours, and is a good friend of the Domaine. As a matter of fact, he was the winemaker for the 2020 vintage! I am sure I have can purchase other great Cote Roties at the same cost (adding in shipping) but there is a sentimental value and I am taken back to our three or four barrel-tasting sessions at the domain, which I guess is why I bring them in.



I love it - keep bringing them in! Just curious what your total cost is to have these wines sent to you.

I checked and it is pricey at 18 a bottle!