TN: 2017 Fritz Haag Juffer Riesling Großes Gewächs

This is the kind of wine that strikes a seamless balance between seriousness, structure and hedonism. The nose is a paraphernalia of juicy ripe peach, lychee, lemon merengue and exuberant flowers - richly perfumed but with that Rieslingness that keeps it from being cloying (I’m thinking of you, Moscatel Galego. Barf). Although objectively dry, the palate has a lushness and deep retronasal expressivity that hints at some sort of phantom sweetness, with moderate acidity. For my palate there is nothing electric here: just seduction coupled with poise. I’m sure this can age magnificently, but if they wanted us to cellar it they should have made it less delicious.

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“Phantom sweetness” - I like that, spot on!
Great note and happy to see you’re enjoying the German discoveries!