TN: 2017 Domaine Tollot-Beaut Chorey-les-Beaune

Oh man, absolutely delicious. Beautiful cherry coulis, raspberry/cranberry fruit and just the perfect touch of earth. Silky tannins, with a savoury finish to knit it all together.

This is 100% what I want in my commune-level Burgundy, is all about balance, and most importantly is an absolute joy to drink. I’m buying a couple more because not only is it lovely now, I think it could absolutely go a handful more years if you prefer a little more savouriness.

It also confirms my thinking that 2017 is criminally underrated, and well-made wines from good producers - like this one - show so, so well.

A nostalgic producer for me due to their warmth and generosity on my first visit to Burgundy.

I picked of a few 375s of the 2012 version and very happy with them.

Opened another of these - I think this is my fourth this year?

Run, don’t walk, people. This is just so beautiful. It will be a genuine struggle to save my last two.

I have been (and continue to) buy big on 17s. Along with 2014 it is one of my favorite recent vintages for red burgundy, both for drinking now and mid-term aging.

My biggest issue with 2017s will be keeping my hands off of them, but I think they’ll be achingly beautiful with time.

We need a wine piggy bank - the bottles go in and you can’t touch them!

I have an offsite storage for specifically this purpose, but if you don’t actually take the wine there, then…

The solution to “keeping … hands off of them” is easy:
build a cellar with 12-20+ vintages to choose from …

…only it needs to keep your hands off for some time!

Available on you can use my referral code (kidding)

Alas, not the easiest thing up here!

Pulled some 1996 of k&l auction. Hard to find tasting notes on this, what should I expect?

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