TN: 2017 Domaine Marc Colin Chassagne-Montrachet Caillerets

This wine is STUNNING!

2017 Domaine Marc Colin Chassagne-Montrachet Caillerets

Under DIAM30 (YES!). A wonderful vibrant complex nose of golden fruit, spice and minerals. The palate is stunning. Special balance. A “Zen Balance”. Great fruit/acid balance with a rush of mineral on the finish. Long finish. Elegant. A wow wine. Congrats to Domaine Marc Colin. One of the best Caillerets I have tasted in some time. Thanks for a great wine.

Sounds really good Don.

Nice note, thanks Don

I love Marc Colin’s White Burgs…He no longer gets the accolades like in the past, which have now mostly gone to his son PYCM, but his wines to me are always superb, and they age well too…

Thanks Don, Really like Marc Colin’s whites. '14 Bourgogne and St Aubin were really good. And now to find some '17s.

This wine is better than PYCMs to me. Just a data point however.

I drunk a very good delicate 2007 a month ago :
2. Chassagne-Montrachet 1er cru Caillerets : Domaine Marc Colin 2007 : 16,5/20
Classique chardonnay de la Côte de Beaune, tout en élégante retenue. Belle évolution sur le citron et la menthe.

I’m a fan of this, too. Bought it for my own cellar.

Agreed. I prefer their wines over PYCM and think they are vastly underrated, which makes them quite a good value compared to other producers from C-M/P-M/St. Aubin.

Joseph Colin, the smaller brother, makes a wonderful version from 65+ year old vines

Very nice, Don, also been a fan of the wines and the Caillerets for a while. Will keep eyes peeled for 17s.

I like the wines of both Marc Colin and PYCM. But, in the past few years, the price of PYCM has gone through the roof while the prices for Marc Colin wines have stayed relatively reasonable.

Claus. I think Joseph Colin is the winemaker
for the Domaine Marc Colin wines also?

Damien & Joseph made the wines together but they amicably separated in 2016/17 and Joseph now has his own domaine / maison just down the street. All three brothers naturally have a number of appellations in common.

And Caroline’s Caillerets is maybe the best?

Thanks guys!


I had an excellent Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru Les Chaumées 2015 in june 2018 …

Larent, from which Colin?
I have tried most 1er Cru Chassagne from Marc Colin but not this
Vide-Bourse is great too


I actually meant Caroline Morey Chassagne Chaumées 2015 …

Thanks for the note Don. Will look for it!

This parcel is over the wall from Niellon’s Clos de la Truffière and is very nicely maintained!