TN: 2017 Domaine Guillemot-Michel Viré-Clessé Quintaine

Beautiful, lees-y, golden apple richness on the nose accompanied by seashell minerality and white peach, though not quite as open and generous as the '18 Quintaine. So energetic on the palate - surprisingly so given the aromatic profile - with razor-sharp acidity and perfect lightly weighty mouthfeel. A positively searing finish that is so, so long and chalky; it feels mouthcoating, like flat Champagne.

This is brilliant, and is built to last as delicious as it is already.


Yeah, these are similar to my impressions. Had a great visit a couple weeks ago there with Gautier and am going to hold what I have for some time. Upside of going to the winery was the opportunity to grab a magnum! Yay!

It’s funny - Gautier’s name appears on the '18 label but not '17! Guess he got a promotion. [cheers.gif]

Thank you guys for the nice TN.
For the last couple weeks I have felt that the 17 is in a slightly awkward phase, like a teenager right after a growth spurt. The 2015 had a similar phase at a similar point in their life and are tasting great again so I’m not overly worried. (I do love the 18 however which are past their overwhelmingly generous phase and into a more tensed/sappy one that brings a lovely balance.)
I’m glad you guys are enjoying it now, the vigneron is always a partial and anxious father and feedback helps in that regards.

PS: This also raise the very interesting question of how a same wine tastes, at a given time, in different parts of the world…

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