TN: 2017 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Echezeaux

It’s time to open the finest bottles, as we don’t know what the Russians are doing these days

2017 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Echezeaux

Clearly one of the most fascinating wine I have ever drunken. First, the wine was vibrating on the tip of my tongue, never had this experience before. Second, the wine changed its expression after every sip. Third, the palate presence was almost never-ending, for minutes.

The 2017 Echezauxis is charming, open and lovely to drink right now. It’s not a mistake to open a bottle now or to order a bottle in the restaurant. Regarding this 2017 you don’t have to wait 20 years. Concerning the fruit, its like walking in the fields of wild strawberries. Then the classic sous-bois, minerality, spice, floral notes and dark fruits. It was truly impressive to discover new facets after every sip. According to the experts, the simple Echezeaux is the earliest drinkable wine of the portfolio and also quite extrovert.

The wine offers drinking pleasure, but offer also room for contemplation. Wonderful




happy for you to have such an experience. Pair any food with it?

Veal with Risotto Milanese (a lot of marrowbone in the broth)

Wonderful joie de vivre.

I remember hearing Aubert De Villaine answering the question “When should we drink your wines?” - “Whenever you feel the time is right. Never forget that every year we are making more!”

David McDowall

Some people would argue its much too early to open this wine. BUT when you live in Berlin which means 2h away from Kiev/Ukraine by plane, you see things differently these days.