TN: 2017 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon Le Domaine (France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Chinon)

I’ve never tried this bottling of Baudry’s before but no need to avoid it in the future. First sniffs right after PnP resulted in the missus wondering whether there had been excrement in the barrel but as always with Baudry quick positive development followed.

  • 2017 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon Le Domaine - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Chinon (9.1.2021)
    Very strongly barnyardy on the nose on opening. Fortunately half an hour in the decanter was all it took for the wine to take on a more civilized form. The barnyard remains on the nose to some extent but only as one of the components. In addition there is wonderfully savory blackcurrant, capsicum, dried herbs and iron. Really unadulterated, nicely sauvage. On the palate medium-bodied with tremendously juicy, rich fruit and great lift. Reminiscent of Les Grézeaux, this is pretty edgy and more red than dark fruited - not fine dining but with plenty of rugged charisma. Grips nicely towards the finish, but drinks really well and feels almost refreshing. Surprisingly complete, huge value for money.

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Thanks for the note.

It’s a consistently high QPR wine. I only skip it because the Grezeaux is still pretty inexpensive given the ridiculously high quality.

Agreed on both points. Where do you factor in the Les Granges?

I really don’t at all, as I have only had it once or twice.

I haven’t had the 2017, but generally enjoyed the Domaine that I’ve had and found the added cost worth it over the usually softer, but less complex Les Granges.

They both help you scratch your Baudry itch without having to dip into Grez prematurely. It’s like cellar insurance.