TN: 2017 Detert Cabernet Sauvignon

After opening two 2015 Thomas PN only to find them heat damaged, I decided to say fuck it and open something too soon. The 2017 Detert CS is a true delight. While young, there are still enough secondary flavors to make it compelling. There’s a green streak that I enjoy. I know many find that off putting, but perhaps it’s because is paired with Brussels sprouts and it gave the wine nuance of old world blended with new world. It’s quite a fine wine where cellaring will benefit it, but it’s enjoyable now. It feels like old school cabernet with a little extra weight. I’m a fan.

As for the Unicorn wine in the glass, for a Calistoga cab/cab franc/merlot blend, it drinks like a bojo but not quite as bright. Really unique. Good luck finding any.

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really like the Detert CS, but love the cab franc