TN: 2017 Desire Lines Carignan Evangelho

  • 2017 Desire Lines Carignan Evangelho - USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Contra Costa County (10/19/2018)
    95% Carignane. 14% abv. Deep ruby, plus aromatics. Cherry, sage and cinnamon highlght a surprisingly accessible and complete palate impression. Medium plus depth, excellent length. I had high expectations for this wine and Cody and the team exceeded them. Drink now and over the next 6+ years. (92 pts.)

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Just out of curiosity, what the other 5%?


That and Mataro!

Thanks for the tasting note, Mike!

The Desire LinesEvangelho Red Wine” was a very tempting offer I had to pass.

Firstly, can you please let me know what the conditions of the tasting were (delivered to your house? PnP? Other?)?

Also, I would like to share this on the Carignan Renaissance, Part Deux thread, with your blessings. [berserker.gif]

Drew, it was delivered to my house and popped and poured a few days later.

Thanks, Mike! [cheers.gif]

BTW, I took the liberty of sharing this post on the “Wines Made from the ‘Evangelho Vineyard’” post on the “Contra Costa Wine Heritage” thread.

Arrived on Tuesday, opened a few minutes ago … we’re liking it but all said “young” Of course, we’re going pop and pour! But definitely blossoming even over a short time.

Adding … really wonderful with about an hour to develop … this is good now and likely a real gem with decent decant or a little time.

Thanks for making our evening so enjoyable!

Mike and Siun, we’re so glad to hear that you enjoyed the Evangelho! Thanks for sharing; it’s so gratifying knowing that our wines are being enjoyed. Evangelho is a special spot!

Thank you Cody … as we gave it a little time, the wine really did well. I opened the bottle for two coworkers (since I ship to my office) and we had a lovely early evening of drinking and talking … our tastes vary a lot but all of us found the bottle a perfect treat to share.

I also love the label on that wine. The old vines and CoCo quasi residential high voltage power lines image combined with the DL design motif speaks to me!

Shoot. After reading this we poor slobs down here in S Fla will probably have to wait until after Dec 1st to enjoy these “high voltage” juicy delectable’s.

Thanks for the notes, Mike

Couldn’t resist - opened another and wish I had a lot more! I hesitate to say this since I’m not sure I can describe this properly. I was struck by an interesting level of sweetness that showed off the fruit – and made the wine quite approachable. It’s been a bunch of years since sweet was a positive for me in wine but this really rounds out the flavor in a very special way. Earlier this week two of the very young fellows who work in my office were asking me about the wine that arrives during shipping season and “why not just grab a bottle at the grocery store?” and we had talked about small vineyards and winemakers who make limited amounts of wine with such love. So … I called them over and poured some for them … it all suddenly made sense and they’ve made me promise to share again next time we’re opening an interesting bottle. It was such fun to see them click with this.

Thanks for sharing this cool story, Siun!!

A lot of my friends and acquaintances are baffled by the fact that almost all the wine I purchase nowadays is from smaller producers or, at least, from online retailers.

As I try to ensure that someone else is around for my bottle-popping, it is a joy to read this kind of stuff. Even if they don’t immediately sign up for mailing lists after loving a wine that we try together, it’s still a great moment to witness. :slight_smile:

I should have bought some of this wine. Maybe next year…