TN: 2017 Cameron Nebbiolo (USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley)

My first Cameron. I held off on popping any Pinot or Chard as I’ve only got those from 2019 and I like a bit of age on my wines. Rolled the dice on this and was richly rewarded. What a fun wine. Glad I’ve got a healthy stash of these.

  • 2017 Cameron Nebbiolo - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (6/27/2024)
    A bit shy and thin out of the gate. After an hour or so of air the aromatics exploded and the palate fills out. Not much in the way of tannins; just enough acidity to keep it fresh. But overall a mind-blowing love-child of Barolo and Oregon. actually asked if it was Pinot, as while there’s Nebbiolo character it is just so ethereal and has a Willamette signature.

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I’m a big Cameron fan. My expectations for their Nebbiolo were initially low, but each one I’ve opened has been very enjoyable. I have one bottle of a Nebbiolo “Riserva”, from 2015 I believe, that I plan to open in the not too distant future.

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This bottle was both so fun and serious at the same time. I look forward to popping more!

Also a big Cameron fan and glad to see you trying their wines, especially the Nebbiolo.

If you have either Abbey Ridge, Arley’s Leap or Clos Electrique Pinot, I’d recommend sitting on those until at least 5-8 years post-vintage (they all age forever). Reserve Pinot 3-5 years. WV, Ribbon Ridge or Dundee Hills are good to from the jump, although can age.

Conversely, I’d recommend drinking the Chardonnays 2-5 years post-vintage. I’ve never seen a big benefit in aging them long-term and have experienced some prematurely aged bottles.

Besides the Nebbiolo. his other smaller volume wines like Giovanni, Rosato, etc are fun and well worth trying.

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Great feedback Scott, thanks. The windows make sense. And gives me good motivation to check in on the Chards.

I’ll check in on some current-ish Pinots as well as it does make sense to get familiar with the style young. For reference do like my Oregon chard in about the 3-7 window it’s only because I haven’t had anything older, so it’s possible I’d find it of interest.

But it’s aged Pinot that excites me, based on 10+ year old Belle Pente and Brick House, 15+ Patricia Green and a 30 year old Eyrie Reserve that was one of the greatest wines I’ve ever had.

Excited to see what these can do with age.

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Was Cameron Nebbiolo one of Meadow Soprano’s friends?


That wine sounds great. Cameron wines are excellent, I’ll have to look it up.

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If aged Pinot excites you, then definitely keep some Cameron bottles as they great agents, especially IMO Abbey Ridge (AR) and Clos Electrique (CE).

Just had a 2008 Arley’s Leap last weekend (IIRC this bottling is younger AR vines), and it had plenty of life left and had aged gracefully. Didn’t reach the heights of similarly aged AR or CE.

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