TN: 2017 Beta Cabernet Sauvignon Vare Vineyard

  • 2017 Beta Cabernet Sauvignon Vare Vineyard - USA, California, Napa Valley, Oak Knoll District (6/4/2023)
    After hearing this wine needs anywhere from 3 hours to 3 weeks of decanting, I opted for a solid 9 hours. My biggest takeaway is this wine needs time in the bottle, not the decanter. Aromas of dark fruit, herbs and a hint of menthol. Not a shy nose at all. I taste cherries, astringent acid, and some tobacco in the background and on the finish. This is soft and round for a young wine, yet somehow austere at the same time. Night 2 the perfumed nose has faded and the herbs and spice have moved forward. The freshness of night 1 has lost a step in favor of a cedary, minty, cherry fullness that hints at what's to come. This is good wine. In a couple of years it will be very good wine. Is it the second coming? Not my call to make. But between this and the Chuy Chard I had recently, I'm happy to participate.

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Thanks for the great note.

I am always afraid to decant any wine for that long but I know many winemakers swear by it.


I’ll decant that long but the reality is the wine isn’t ready to drink yet if you have to give it that much air.

Ketan’s wines are meant to store sideways 10+ years and likely a lot longer. Nothing wrong with trying one to see if you like it and want to keep buying.

Jasud is coming, hope everyone is ready.

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Beyond ready! Its an extraordinary wine!