TN: 2017 Bernard Moreau Chassagne Montrachet 1er La Cardeuse

Charming wine, very different than the Ramonet reds, with a bit more darker exotic aromas on the nose. Very transparent and pure, with beautiful lightness and generous fruit on the palate and a very long finish. This isn’t a very dense or heavy wine but very lithe and enjoyable.

Nice note.

You prefer this or Ramonet for cellaring? Or both?

Nice note Michael. Thanks!

Thanks Michael. I have bought the 2017 Cardeuse but have not tried it yet. I did have a Ramonet CM villages 2017 rouge last night during the zoom with William Kelley. The wine started off pretty tight and a bit harsh, but really opened up during the course of the zoom call and really became wonderful - Williams did a wonderful job from the start and never was close to being harsh. [cheers.gif]

You and Don really seem to have started this push for Chassagne red and I certainly am a disciple. Love the wines, although I must admit I have not gone beyond these two producers. [thankyou.gif] [worship.gif]

Unlike your CM villages Howard, 2017 Ramonet CSJ recently was almost surprisingly warm and ripe, a lot like a 2010 a year ago.

I like both.

I’ve also had the jm pillot which wasn’t my favorite. Haven’t had niellon yet. Bruno Colin chassagne reds are decent, though.

Try the Paul Pillot CSJ and the J-C Bachelet Boudriotte.

Big fan of the Paul Pillot BR. I bought cases after trying. Will definitely look to find his CSJ.

Are any red Chassagne as good as or better than Ramonet and Moreau?

I enjoy Niellon because they are a bit more rugged and masculine vs. Ramonet. Sounds like Moreau will fill that in between need stylistically.

2013 Paul Pillot (never tried his wines) and 2016 JM Pillot CSJ are on deck. 2013 Ramonet CSJ from the cellar as a reference. Must be that nobody where I live likes Burgundy else we’d figure out a way to do this in one go. The Ramonet often has a spicy, herbal note that appeals to me that the one other bottle of JM Pillot I’ve tried did not have (nor did the '17 Ramonet) .

I haven’t been able to source the wines in a while, but the Fontaine-Gagnard Clos St Jean was quite solid from 99-05. Don’t know if it’s even currently imported.