TN: 2017 Albert Grivault Bourgogne Blanc Clos du Murger

Not quite sure what the name is about as there seems to be a Meursault Clos du Murger as well. Does the vineyard cover both village and generic Bourgogne AOC area? On pop and pour the nose was already very good but it took a good hour+ for the palate to come around. Seems to me like Grivault is not held in very high regard here but my few experiences are positive.

  • 2017 Albert Grivault Bourgogne Blanc Clos du Murger - France, Burgundy, Bourgogne Blanc (19.11.2021)
    Attractively smoky on the nose with crisp lemon and pineapple fruit, almond and iodine. On the palate perhaps surprisingly lightweight but only in a positive sense. Firmly textured with very good acidity and a certain degree of nervosity. There is a masterful balance between oak and fruit; the woody and spicy tones are clearly there but the wine never feels oaky. Only a little bit of fat here, this is a pretty and elegant wine that clocks in at almost shockingly low 12.5% ABV. Very spry with a tangy quality, it has terrific drinkability. The only downside is that it gets a bit thin on the finish but overall this is a very nice mini-Meursault.

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I had the 2016 BB (not Clos du Murger) last year and I liked it. Classic old school white Burgundy. The oak was a tad too much but a couple of years of rest should do very nicely and integrate everything. I didn’t find the BB thin on the finish and it had pretty good length. I liked it enough to buy the 2017 but I haven’t cracked one open yet. You reminded me to do that whenever I can. Cheers!

Oh, there is another BB? I had no idea. Regarding my comment about the finish I do wonder if the grapes here were picked very early but I don’t want to sound too negative as I really enjoyed the wine some 1.5 hours after opening and it evaporated very quickly. I bought the 2017 Perrières as well and have high hopes for it.

2017 Perrières should be a treat. I think there are 2 BB because I don’t remember seeing Clos du Murger on mine. I’ll have to check my labels when I go to my offsite. I think that Clos du Murger is the one that they are pushing for to become part of the Meursault AOC whereas the BB is just the leftover stuff :slight_smile:.

Cellar Tracker shows both as separate:

But on the official Domaine website, only the Clos du Murger appears.

Hmmmmmm…Albert Grivault. It sounds like a distant drum of a morning wake-up call in a Monastery in Woo-Tung Mountain.

Curiously just checked my cellar. Don’t ask me why …I still have a bottle left : A.Grivault - Meursault - Clos des Perrieres 08 (713-727 $ 75 )… [scratch.gif]

*Classic old school white Burgundy. The oak was a tad too much but a couple of years …

Phil…right on.

2008 was my first and last vintage. Hope you will be right … champagne.gif [drinkers.gif]

I bet that’s ripping.

Thanks for the comments.

I do not remember how the wines tasted like. But I do recall why I bought them. I was just curious and bought multiple bottles of them for pair-tastings

A.Grivault - Meursault - Clos des Perrieres 08 (713-727 $ 75 )
A.Grivault - Meursault - Perrieres 08 (1110-6409 $ 63).

Currently in Quebec, Canada …the Meursault - Clos des Perrieres 2017 is at CA $193.25 and the Meursault - Perrieres 2018 is at CA $ 149.75