TN: 2016 Yvon Métras Beaujolais Madame Germaine (France, Burgundy, Beaujolais)

Popped the new Madame Germaine cuvee last night.

  • 2016 Yvon Métras Beaujolais Madame Germaine - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais (3/23/2018)
    This is showing a real meaty-animale- funkiness on the nose right now. The fruit is bright, light bodied, with cool wisps of ripe berries and citrus. On the palate, it’s open, feels ready for business and the fruit is appealingly light and refreshing. But…there is a funk streak here that makes it all a bit furry. Really takes some airing out at this point. Interesting wine. If the Metras merde-iness throws you off, you may take issue with this one.

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the regular beaujolais villages was showing super green and volatile. while the fruit was bright, crunchy and delicious it is not for everyone.

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This one wasn’t green, just pretty funky- as Alfert likes 'em. And I do, too.


Any more information about Madame Germaine? Can I assume it’s not a cru? I’ve never heard of it, until now.

it is a bit cheaper than the normal beaujolais villages cuvee so perhaps its younger vines or a newly acquired parcel?

There is like zero info on this wine anywhere. I googled myself silly. Several retailers carrying it, but no real info.